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    Cassie Francis is the author of an unreleased memoir. When she’s not writing, we can find her working and hanging out with her dog in nature. She also loves to listen to all kinds of music, traveling, and reading. She lives on the east coast of the US with her corgi.

    What is it all about?

    Cassie Francis has always been afraid. Of just about everything.

    Why does she feel the need to be afraid? For Cassie, it was an emotional rollercoaster of bad experiences, failed therapy, and the very conspiracy of life set against her before she discovered the answer: a deadly combination of social anxiety, depression, autism and ADHD. This is her story. One filled with trauma and despair. Cassie details her journey with enthusiasm, leaving nothing to the imagination. Far from a self-help book, this is a confession of the soul and the price paid just to make it through another day.